2 PLY KING SQUAT SUIT ( 2022002 )

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2 PLY KING SQUAT SUIT ( 2022002 )

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Product description

A squat suit that raises records in new level. 2 ply KING Squat suit is made for narrow or half narrow stance. Straps are adjustable with velcros. There are extra seams to make the suit more supportive.

Product details

If there was ever a revolution in single ply powerlifting gear, the METAL M line is it.

All components of the M suit are made of King material. The seams on the M's legs are high like Jack models, allowing for more leg support. These high seams also tend to make squats look deeper than they actually are, a perk that we're guessing you might be interested in.

Extra seams on the back of the suit help to stop the squat at depth and give rebound. Entirely new stitching, cut, and design make the METAL M absolutely the best single ply squat suit on the market today.















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