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Most testers think that this is the best squat suit!

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The METAL ACE squat suit is a revolutionary suit that goes farther than any other suit has ever gone. A suit can either stop you or give you rebound. It will either stop you in the hole or slow you down and pop you out of the hole. It can&rsquo t do both. The problem is many manufacturers think this can be done. In the past, manufacturers have looked at different materials and cuts. But, as Metal found out, this is only part of the design. It&rsquo s also the reason many suits stop you half way down and then toss you forward. This is because the material has to match the cut. However, the way the thread pulls is also very important. The front of the Ace squatter has its threads pulled vertically. This allows you to sit back and not be pulled hard across the front. The back of the suit uses a different material blend and has its threads pulling horizontally for maximum rebound. When this is combined with a new crotch design, a much thicker material than in the Pro Squatter, and Velcro straps, you are left with a squat suit that actually pushes you back and pushes your knees out as you squat down.

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